This Door To Remain Open


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“This door must remain unlocked during business hours.” Chances are, your business has one or more doors displaying this message. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has specific requirements for exit doors to maximize your safety and that of your employees during fires, natural disasters, terrorism, hazardous material events or other immediate crisis. OSHA-mandated details, such as the design and placement of exit doors, facilitate a clear and obvious means of quickly leaving the building in an emergency.

The wording of the message may vary somewhat; you may see “this door to remain unlocked when building is occupied” instead of “during business hours,” for example. Nothing in the federal codes explicitly states how the message must be phrased. However, individual state laws or your company policy may mandate not only the language but also the design of the sign itself. In California, for instance, the letters must be at least an inch high and printed on a contrasting background for maximum readability.

This decal is sized to comply with CalOSHA requirements and measures 18″ W x 5″H and will easily fit an exterior door with a smooth surface.

Dimensions 18 × 5 in

Burgundy, Blue, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Deep Blue, Golden Yellow, Black, White, Grey, Red, Grass Green, Ice Blue, Pink, Purple, Yellow, Orange, Light Grey


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