Vinyl-Decal-PartsVinyl decals are composed of three parts:

Transfer Tape
Paper Backing



Remove any dirt, grease and/or wax from the surface first. This includes car wax, Turtle wax, Rain-x, compound, etc.

Decals will NOT adhere properly if the surface is not clean.

Avoid ammonia-based cleaners as these can create bubbles under your vinyl decal. Allow to dry.

Use masking tape on top of the decal “pre-mask” to hold the decal in place. Measure the area to be sure your decal is correctly lined up. Tape across the decal center.

Remove tape from one side of the decal and vehicle surface to create a folding hinge flap, and cut the backing with scissors.

Use a credit card or hard plastic squeegee to rub and smooth, removing any bubbles.


Slowly remove the transfer tape, pulling down.  If the decal sticks to the transfer tape, simply

Enjoy your new decal.